Our Server Management team will manage servers remotely with the support of on-site resources. Services will cover Hardware Trouble Shooting, Administration, Patch Management, OS hardening, Server Performance Reports like Memory Utilization, Disk IO, CPU utilization, Network utilization, Manage Active directory User groups and profile and any other custom requirements of clients.

The term ‘server management’ has no single definition that has been accepted as the perfect definition which encompasses all its aspects but to simplify its dynamism, we will define it as; the monitoring and maintenance of the servers. This definition—which is all encompassing—covers two subsets which are: maintenance; ensuring that every hardware and software run at its optimal capabilities while the second subset, monitoring; involves keeping track of every metric and parameter that may affect your server performing at full capacity. We can use software applications, which can be used to monitor these said metrics in order to create a more streamlined maintenance strategy.

As stated earlier, the need for monitoring every performance of your server is crucial to its ultimate performance therefore the need of integrating an accurate monitoring system cannot be overlooked. The steps involved with monitoring such servers include:

  • Downtime notifications
  • Uptime notifications
  • Security Status
  • Storage allocations etc.

The next step in server management is adequately securing your servers and checking its health by:

  • Integrating periodic security audits and
  • Carrying out the necessary security, kernel, and software updates

Nothing is infallible and from time to time your servers may crash or be affected negatively by viral attacks therefore, it is imperative that every server should install preventive measures such as initiating:

A server backup and restoration process

  • Server migration measures
  • Disaster Recovery and Software support.